Brock and Brenee’s Engagement Photos in the hills of San Luis Obispo and Pismo Beach CA

Brock & Brenee couldn’t be any cuter. When they reached out to book me for their wedding I was ecstatic! We started the evening off with some beers at a local pub and chatted about how they met, how he proposed and all the fun little details they are dreaming of for their wedding day.

From there we went over to a family ranch of Brenee’s. She said the family plans to sell so she wanted to make sure she captured some last memories there to go along with her years of memories prior. This place was magic. The sunlight beaming between the barn wood and the golden hills…. I mean I could have stayed there all night.

However; we had to move on to the second location. Which was the Pismo Beach Dunes, and happens to be the place Brock popped the question. It also is their favorite thing to do together. Go driving on the beach and play in the sand. Probably the best moment of the night was when I asked them to dance and prompted Brock to spin Brenee and one spin slipped right out his hands. There went Brenee and Brock being the gentleman that he is went to catch her but just fell along with her. It was epic and I have made a little GIF of it that I shared on Instagram.

Their Engagement Photo session went so well and I have reason 560,390,000 why I love my job. ENJOY THE SERIOUSLY CUTEST COUPLE EVER.